Welcome to the San Jacinto Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America!

The VCCA is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all years of Chevrolet.

The VCCA is a national car club with Areas and Regions or chapters of which the San Jacinto Region is a local chapter in Area 6 of the VCCA based in Houston Texas, serving Southeast Texas and Louisiana.

We are all about 25 year old and older Chevy’s.  But we love the newer ones too.

VCCA Technical Advisors:

There are national members designated as experts assigned for every year of Chevrolet in the club. They provide technical counseling and parts suggestions. This listing by year can be found in the G&D, Generator and Distributor at the website:

VCCA Touring:

We love to drive our cars and touring is a safe way to do this. Two types of tours are conducted:

  1. The “Hub” tour which starts off at a base and returns to that base each day. This is the preferred type of tour for the older cars. You are never very far from base if repairs are needed.
  2. The “Progressive” tour begins at a defined point and travels a selected tour routes to a defined designation.  This type of tour is usually reserved for newer cars that can travel at greater speeds and distances.

Regional and National tours are planned each year. There are limits to a number of cars per tour. All tours expose the traveler to beautiful scenery and allows for conversations with town locals that will always be remembered.

There are some expenses associated with each tour such as Motel/Hotel, meals & tour stop activities.

Joint Tour:

Every year an Area 6 Joint Tour is hosted by one of the regions on a rotating basis. Club business is discussed and fun activities are planned for all that attend. Car displays by proud owners are a standard activity along with a “Hub” tour.


We are proud of our cars and like to show them off every chance we get. Each tour becomes a show. The San Jacinto Region participates in the “Autorama” every November. This show is typically held Thanksgiving weekend. The region vies for booth space up near the front entrance.   The “Autorama” is where we solicit new members and talk to people who go to see the show and come by our booth. Club members are always needed to help assemble/disassemble the booth and to greet those who are interested in the VCCA.

We are occasionally invited to tour private car collections too. This Region is home to several great car collections. Our club has been privileged to be invited several times to view private collections of outstanding automobiles of various makes and models and sometimes with several hundred cars.

Swap Meet:

The San Jacinto Region’s fund raiser is a huge swap meet every year in March at Trader’s Village. This is a full weekend of activities.  Spaces are sold and manned by venders, offering just about anything a car enthusiast could imagine.  The swap meet requires a lot of participation on part of the members, the more the better, for help with set-up and to guide the meet’s activities.


Members who have joined the Local Chapter also receive an issue of the newsletter called the “Valve Clad-d-der” published each month and delivered via snail mail, email or it can also be viewed on our facebook page here:

For reaching our elected members and officers go here: Contacts